Ingeborg was born in Dillingen Saar Germany and when she was older became a student of Saarbruken School of Art specializing In Graphic Arts.  She also learned the tradition of woodcarving from her father Nicklaus Maas and her Grandfather, and carried with her the tradition to the United States.


     After creating many woodcarvings, she then became interested in doll making.  She sculptured her first doll from clay and then her husband, Frank Tinius, made a mold of her creation.  Together, they created their first Bisque Doll, followed by six more models, one of which was of her daughter Johanna, as a child.


     In 1987, Ingeborg and her family moved to the Sierra Madre Mountains North East of Santa Maria Ca. The beauty of the nature and trees that surrounded her, inspired her to once again return to the sculpture of wood in the form of dolls.  Since then she has created many, "Tree Children," with Frank helping with the cutting of wood, and the jointing of arms and legs.  After finishing the dolls by making all of the delicate clothing with care, these dolls became a product of your Mountain people, just as was done in Germany when the Mountain people came down to the markets in Nurnberg to sell the hand made wooden dolls made by the whole family during winter.

  Information about Ingeborg and her work was featured in the "Doll Reader" magazine, in the May 1992 issue.

  Ingeborg was also a featured artist in "Doll Collector" magazine, in the May 2013 issue.


Ingeborg has written two children’s books

Treeanna & Mystical Mara

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The New Treechildren

The  New Treechildren

Hitty & Treechildren

Paintings. Paper Dolls and other artwork

Paper Dolls, Oil Paintings & Carvings

Hitty & Treechildren
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